Financial planning is a process; it is not a single transaction or project.   Therefore, as a fee-only financial advisor, we provide ongoing support to our clients.  

Planning is a Process

The purpose of a financial plan is to help you identify your goals and then develop strategies to bring you closer to achieving them.  As our lives evolve, our goals change.  We develop new priorities, we find new passions, we may add to our families, our careers may take off or follow a completely different trajectory than what was originally expected.  Furthermore, tax laws are always changing as are other rules and laws that affect saving and retirement planning.  A plan must be flexible to adapt to these changes.  And as your financial advisor, it is our responsibility to review and update financial plans on a regular basis.   

Why Regularly Scheduled Meetings are Critical 

As a fee-only advisor that provides ongoing support, we proactively meet with our clients on a regular basis, not only when there is a question or when a particular event arises.  

  • Regular meetings provide accountability for both the client and the advisor.  
  • Regular meetings enable areas of concern to be identified and strategies to be tweaked as necessary. 
  • Regular meetings allow the advisor to provide clients with perspective in terms of the progress they are making towards reaching their goals.  
  • Regular meetings strengthen the client/advisor relationship.  The dialogue and the repour that results helps to create an environment where the client feels free and comfortable to share dreams and concerns and to ask questions. 
  • Regular meetings allow for market trends and economic conditions to be discussed so the client can stay-up-to-date on trends and developments.  

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Over your lifetime, you will be faced with multiple financial decisions that will have long-lasting impacts.  Building a relationship with a professional who has the expertise to advise you as well as the ability to understand your concerns and need for balance will prove to be invaluable.  The benefits of working with the right advisor on an ongoing basis, both f