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Core Wealth Management is a fee-only financial advisor.

We are compensated solely by you, the client, in the form of flat fees, hourly fees or a percentage of your assets under management. We do not accept any third-party sources of compensation such as commissions or other incentives from product providers. This tends to minimize conflicts of interest and provide added assurance that we work exclusively for you. As part of our fiduciary duty, we are committed to managing all costs and making sure that they are clearly laid out and transparent.

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CoreWM Logo 1Our fee-only approach is quite different from the popular and well-known commission model.

When an advisor is paid by commission, they receive payment from an outside party based upon products they sell or transactions they initiate. Oftentimes, you as the investor do not even see these charges, and it might seem as if you are receiving something for nothing. But that is not the case.

Investors should also be aware that there are also advisors who distinguish themselves as being fee-based.  This term is NOT synonymous with fee-only.  A fee-based advisor is one who may charge you fees, but who may also collect commissions or other forms of compensation from an outside-third party.

In addition to the way fees are calculated, there is difference between the standard of care that a fee-only financial advisor and a commissioned advisor have to his or her clients. Fee-only advisors have a fiduciary duty – the advisor must put the client first and recommendations must be solely in the client’s best interest. This is in contrast to a commissioned advisor where financial advice must merely meet an ambiguous standard of being suitable (i.e. not grossly inappropriate). In other words, regulators consider broker/dealers’ financial advice as secondary to their primary transaction- based role.

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At Core Wealth Management, we strongly believe that no one, no matter what your level of income or net worth, should settle for investment advice that is merely suitable.

As a fee-only financial advisor, our loyalties belong to you, our interests are aligned with yours, and our fiduciary objective is to help you achieve your highest financial health.


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