NAPFA – National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Jackie Goldstick CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at Core Wealth Management, is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

As a NAPFA advisor, both Jackie and the other professionals at Core Wealth Management, pride themselves on providing unbiased comprehensive wealth management services to a wide array of individuals and families.

Jackie Goldstick

NAPFA Core Wealth Management Jupiter FloridaFounded in 1983, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country’s leading professional association of fee-only financial advisors – highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve.

In addition to not receiving commissions or referral fees of any kind, membership requires an advisor to meet competency requirements, including holding the Certified Financial Planner designation, submitting a comprehensive plan for review, completing a rigorous continuing education program every two years, adhering to a strict code of ethics and taking a Fiduciary oath.  NAPFA members are required to always act in good faith and to be completely transparent when it comes to disclosing conflicts of interest that may impact a client in any way.

At Core Wealth Management, our financial and professional interests are aligned with those of our clients.   Very simply – our clients come first. As an Investment Advisor firm regulated by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, we enter into a legally binding fiduciary relationship with each of our clients, always putting their interest ahead of our own.

Additionally, because the only compensation we receive is from our clients in the form of hourly fees, project-based fees or fees based on a percentage of assets under management, our clients can rest assured that our interests are aligned with theirs – we work exclusively for them.

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Can an advisor that receives commissions provide high-quality advice in the best interest of their clients?

Yes, but the challenge for consumers is that it is difficult to tell if an advisor is committed to their best interest.  NAPFA requirements are so strict that someone looking for an advisor can rely on NAPFA membership as a way to sort out advisors who have made the highest level of commitment toward removing conflicts of interest and putting the client’s interest first.

We are proud to have Jackie as a member of NAPFA, an organization that promotes and embodies the basic principles on which our firm is built:  integrity, transparency, competence, professionalism and objectivity.