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New Money to Invest – Lump Sum or Dollar Cost Average?

A question we have been asked repeatedly over the last six months has been: what is the best strategy to get into the market with new money?  Invest all of it at once?  Or invest in smaller increments over time through dollar-cost averaging? The most important thing to keep in mind is that the decision…


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2020: An Unforgettable Year

A global pandemic, a severe and abrupt recession, and civil unrest made 2020 a truly tumultuous and unprecedented year. But perhaps the real story of 2020 is one of resilience – the resilience of people, institutions, and the financial markets. For the year, U.S. stocks generated a positive return of more than 20%.  Non-U.S. stocks…


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The 2020 Election and Your Investment Portfolio

With election time now getting closer, we are inundated with opinions and prognostications about not only who will win but what that victory will mean for the markets.  When you couple the uncertainties of the election with the other trials facing our country including, but not limited to, high unemployment, the economic and personal consequences…


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The Economy vs. The Market

The terms “stock market” and “economy” are often used interchangeably, but they are not one in the same.  Perhaps this has never been more evident than over the past several months.  The state of the economy, according to most measures, is bleak, with economic activity contracting, an unemployment rate of more than 10%, and an…


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Coronavirus and The Stock Market: Q&As From Our Clients

Global markets closed on Monday approximately 30% off of the highs reached just one month ago. The sell-off has been dramatic and breathtakingly swift. We have been getting some great questions from clients, so we thought we might share some of them along with our thoughts in the following Q&A. We hope you find it…


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Coronavirus – What Does it Mean for Your Investments?

Over the last several weeks, the coronavirus has grabbed global headlines. So far, U.S. markets have remained relatively immune. But should you try to dodge markets that have been exposed? The answer to that question is simple: breaking news should not impact your investment program.  A portfolio that is invested according to an evidence-based investment…


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Market Corrections, Bear Markets, and Recessions: A Primer

As the markets continue to move up and down and as the media continues to have a field day playing with our emotions, it is no wonder that many investors find themselves questioning what lies ahead.  While no one can predict what the markets will do or how people will react to the news of…