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5 Steps to Maximize the Benefits of Your 401k Plan

A 401k plan can be a wonderful savings vehicle, but many employees don’t know how to navigate the plan to maximize the benefits it can offer in retirement. Contribution levels, matching opportunities, investment options and costs are all factors that need to be considered. Here are five steps to help you optimize the potential benefits…


2018 Contribution Limits for Retirement Accounts

Annual contribution limits for retirement savings accounts for 2017 and 2018, as established by the IRS, are listed below. Please keep in mind that contributions to Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and SEP IRAs can be made up until the time your tax return is due, including extensions.   Core Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth management…


How Are Social Security Benefits Calculated?*

The purpose of social security is to replace a portion of the income you earned over your life once you are retired. How exactly your social security benefit amount is calculated is dependent upon several factors. Earnings The Social Security Administration looks at your highest 35 years of average monthly inflation-adjusted earnings. In other words,…


The Sources of Retirement Cash Flows

When you hear the word “diversification” in the context of investing, one thinks of owning multiple holdings across asset classes, geographical locations, and industry sectors. The concept of diversification also applies to the sources of cash flows that are generated from an investment portfolio. Michael Kitces, a well-renowned author, and industry thought leader, suggests that there are 4 pillars of retirement cash flow that can come from an investment portfolio: interest, dividends, capital gains and principal.


Financial Planning for College Funding and Retirement – Can the Two Go Hand-in Hand?

When it comes to applying for college, much time, money and energy is focused on getting our children and grandchildren into the best schools possible. Test preparation, tutors, college guidance counselors, summer programs, leadership activities…the list is endless. And we do want our kids to reach for the stars and have every possible opportunity, but…