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What You Need to Know about Roth IRA and 401K Distribution Rules

When saving for retirement, ROTH accounts are becoming increasingly popular.  Unlike traditional IRAs or 401k plans, while contributions to ROTH IRAs and ROTH 401k plans are not tax deductible, distributions are tax-free (so long as certain requirements are met).  If you have ROTH accounts, it is important to understand Minimum Distribution Requirements as they differ from those of traditional IRAs/401ks.


Tips for Tax Efficient Investing

An investment portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds will produce three types of investment return: interest, dividends and capital gains. Added together, they make up what is known as “total return”. Inside an IRA or other qualified account, the relative mix of investment return does not matter. A 5% return is a 5% return, regardless of whether it comes from interest, dividends or capital gains. In a taxable investment account, however, the story is much different.